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What is the Support Selfie Campaign?

Founded shortly after the second lockdown The Regulars set out to create a fun, interactive campaign to raise money for local businesses that needed some support. The ‘regulars’ take a selfie for the cost of £6.50, and all of the selfies are put together to create one large canvas that is later displayed in the venue, as recognition of the support provided by their regulars.

When does the business get the money?

Once a venue has added their payment details using our payments provider (Stripe), the funds will be sent direct to the business everytime a payment is made towards their venue. If regulars have supported the venue before payment details have been added by the venue, these payments will be transferred to the venue once their payment details have been added and the funds have cleared (7 days). You can turn on email notifications for when you receive a new payment by using this guide.

I am a business and I have activated my page. What happens now?

The best thing to do now is share your page link with as many people as you can! The more selfies the better. You should be aiming for 500+ people. If you have a website or social media you should add the link to your venue page on the homepage to help us verify you are the owner of the venue. You can also download and print our Poster For Venues to display inside and outside your venue.

I just supported, when will I see my selfie on the wall of my local?

As soon as your venue requests the artwork (after 500 selfies). The best thing you can do is support them by spreading the word on social media using the hashtag #supportselfie and sharing their page.

What if the business does not receive 500 selfies?

It is possible that some businesses will not receive enough selfies to create the artwork. If this is the case, the business will still receive all of the funds but the selfies will go towards another venue’s artwork. It means that anyone who took a selfie will still be recognised as supporting the campaign in support of local businesses. Better yet, your selfie may be displayed in other local venues as a thank you.

How can I get in touch

Email us your questions [email protected]